The Arizona State Militia prides itself in providing its members with the highest quality training in the state! Our instructors are prior service military veterans and subject matter experts with various certifications. ASM's training programs produce highly trained, highly professional members capable of handling any mission assigned to them with extreme confidence and reliability.


AZ Community

Arizona State Militia is committed to serving the community, not just in the duty of defense, but in all aspects of community involvement, whenever possible. ASM participates in community projects across the entire State of Arizona.

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Arizona State Militia promises to defend and observe the Constitutional liberties embodied in the Bill of Rights for all American citizens by example, persuasion, and force of arms if necessary.

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Arizona State Militia - Arizona's Premier State Guard Resource

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ASM Public Chat Room

Talk with members of ASM or discuss matters of patriotic security in our IRC chat room!

Keep it clean, keep it sane. Please familiarize yourself with who we are and what we are about before joining the chat room.